What is precision agriculture?

May 09 , 2022

What is precision agriculture?


Precision agriculture, also known as precision farming, is a way for farmers to manage crops to ensure the efficiency of inputs such as water and fertilizers, and to maximize productivity, quality and yield. Precision agriculture also includes protection from pests, floods and crop diseases.


Farmers can use precision agriculture drone to continuously monitor the condition of crops and livestock in the air, quickly spotting problems that would not have surfaced during spot checks on the ground. For example, they can see through drone time-lapse photography that parts of crops are not being properly irrigated.


Drones can spray more accurately than traditional tractors


In 2015, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved the Yamaha UAV RMAX of Japan to be the first plant protection drone to be used for loading fertilizers and pesticides and spraying crops. The RMAX weighs more than 55 pounds (approximately 25 kg). The drones can spray crops more precisely than traditional tractors. This helps reduce costs and, for farmers who spray pesticides by hand, also reduces the potential for pesticide exposure.


Agricultural robot make agriculture "fly"


Drones have revolutionized the industry by providing farmers with massive cost savings, increased efficiency, and increased profitability. By quickly surveying large swaths of farmland, drones can map land, report crop health, improve spraying accuracy, monitor livestock and irrigation systems.


The ability of agriculture drone in farming to collect and analyze data in real time brings tangible results for farmers, such as increased crop yields, reduced resources devoted to weeds and herbicides, and improved management decisions across the board.

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