Advantages of agricultural spraying drones

May 06 , 2022

In the past, the prevention and control of crop diseases and insect pests was carried out by traditional artificial spraying technology, but this traditional spraying technology is not only unsafe, but also very inefficient, which has long been unable to meet the development of the industry, and the emergence of agricultural drones has greatly solved the problem. this problem. So what are the advantages of spraying agro drone sprayer over traditional spraying technology?


Advantage 1: Agricultural drones are safer than traditional spraying technology


Agricultural drones can be used for low-altitude agricultural monitoring, plant protection, and crop seed production to assist pollination, etc. The most used plant protection is to spray pesticides. The plant protection drones with cameras can fly multiple times to conduct farmland inspections, helping farmers to more accurately understand the growth of grains, so as to spread pesticides more targetedly, control pests or remove them. weeds. Its efficiency is a hundred times faster than manual spraying, and it can also avoid the poisoning danger of manual spraying.


Advantage 2: It is more efficient than traditional spraying technology


The rotor of the spraying fertilizer drones agricultural spraying generates downward airflow, which disturbs the leaves of the crops, and the liquid medicine penetrates more easily, which can reduce the amount of pesticides by more than 20% and achieve the best spraying effect. The ideal flying height is less than 3 meters. The speed is less than 10 m/s. While greatly improving the work efficiency, it also achieves the insecticidal effect more effectively. The traditional spraying technology is slow, inefficient, prone to failure, and may also prevent crops from being marketed earlier.


Advantage 3: Spraying drone for farming sprayer are more economical than traditional spraying technology


The price of plant protection drone spraying service for one mu of land is only 20 yuan, and the time is only about 1 minute. Compared with the traditional spraying technology in the past, it saves costs, manpower and time. . The difference between the two is that it can not only prevent crop disasters in advance without wasting resources, but also spray evenly and cover comprehensively, which is a good helper for plant protection operations!

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