Unparalleled and beyond imagination.

EAVision J100 is a multifunctional agricultural drone that seamlessly integrates a variety of solutions, including Crop Protection, the Distribution of Granules, Land Surveying, as well as Lifting various objects.

Laser compound eye Safer operation
" New laser compound eye recognition system"
Based on multiple ALS beam array , constructs an infinite-resolution laser compound eye and triples field of view and detection distance
Covering an area the size of a football field. It can identify obstacles as small as 1 centimeter in diameter
Accurately recognizing obstacles such as dead branches, utility poles, and power lines in the operation environment, providing all-around safety assurance
"No fear of wires day and night"
The onboard chipset has outstanding computational power, allowing for the real-time creation of a three-dimensional map of the operation environment. It autonomously plans safe flight routes and ensures smooth obstacle avoidance and terrain following at a speed of 10 meters per second in various complex and coupled terrains such as plains, water surfaces, and mountains. There is no need for manual terrain selection, making it efficient and worry-free.
Night flight obstacle avoidance capability is now available, allowing for operations day and night without the need for additional obstacle markings.
Even in an orchard, where there are many wires and the environment is complex, with the 4m mist nozzle turned on, 90-degree ground imitation, wire shuttle, and silky-smooth steering can still be achieved at night.
Nozzle upgrade Better results
"The third-generation CCMS ambient temperature mist nozzle is further upgraded"
Featuring a newly designed adjustable water outlet, providing more even atomization and continuous adjustment of droplet size within the full water range of 24 liters per minute, covering particle sizes ranging from 10 to 300 micrometers, and allowing for easy switching.Fruit tree fields can be switched at will to increase the life of nozzle.
"Multi-Directional Continuous Rotation Fan Field More Evenly And Thoroughly"
Innovatively developed MCRFF(Multi-Directional Continuous Rotation Fan Field)is perfectly matched with the coiling fluid field for UAV underwashing. It forms a large-scale diffuse mist field in the forward and rear edges of the aircraft, enabling downward rotation agitation from the bottom and upward, dual penetration from top to bottom, and horizontal diffusion in the middle.Deposition is more transparent and distributed more evenly.
Performance Improvements Work More Efficiently
"Efficient Performance"
56-inch high-efficiency propeller,Maximum pulling force 53kg,fully loaded thrust-to-weight ratio up to 2.0,Standard 45L large tank (60L optional)
The maximum speed is 13.8 meters per second, and the effective spray width can reach 10 meters.
Synchronized steering at takeoff and landing, drifting turns for quick maneuvering,brings extraordinary wind and fog synchronization and dynamic response, and the comprehensive operating efficiency can reach 360 acres/h
"CTB shell and core integration, no fear of high temperature and overcharged battery"
Blade-like battery structure design, capable of two-power cycle operation in 40℃ high temperature environment, dual charging and discharging interface design
Solve the problems of dirty short circuit and overheating interface during high-temperature operation in summer. 9000W integrated heat dissipation charger, fully charged in 9 minutes at the fastest
Freely switch between fast charging and slow charging modes, supporting generator and mains charging at the same time, meeting the charging needs of multiple scenarios, and starting work efficiently, safely and quickly
Human-machine interaction More friendly operation
"High performance remote control"
3km communication distance、Vehicle-grade 7-inch ultra-clear large screen、6nm 8-core vehicle-grade AI processor, matched with a powerful heat dissipation fan, shows the peak computing power for faster operation.。
"Manual operation enhancement"
The added manual operation enhancement mode enables precise manual operation with quantitative, speed, height, and directional control, as well as omnidirectional obstacle avoidance. It allows for quick and accurate manual operations without the need for land mapping.
"Extreme Chain" communication station
Integrates high-precision mapping, offline base stations, signal relays, and lifting guidance functions, which will not be affected by no network, weak network, and mountain obstructions.
One machine with multiple functions, more comprehensive functions
Newly-developed intelligent lifting function takes a maximum lifting capacity of 60 kg, quick installation, quick release, and automatic detachment. Innovative automatic guidance design, solving the pain points of difficult manual lifting point finding and high risk of flight misjudgment, achieves one-click finding of take-off and lifting points, autonomous flight, and doubles the efficiency of lifting operations.
A quick-change 50 kg granule spreader tank, equipped with a rotating material breakage sensor and replaceable blade agitator, provides more accurate material breakage judgment and achieves a high-speed spreading rate of 110 kg/min, resulting in more uniform distribution.A newely developed intelligent estimation method for material trajectory has been developed, enabling precise setting of the spreading width with an error control of less than 10 centimeters, significantly reducing re-broadcasting and missed coverage.
High-definition FPV camera aerial mapping enables rapid stitching of high-definition aerial mapping maps, with a stitching time as low as 5 minutes for a 50-acre land. Operation with easy mapping doubles the efficiency.
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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.