• Q1: Does the EA-20X need to be assembled by the user?
  • Activated right out of the box, no assembly required

  • Q2: What scenarios is the EA-30X suitable for?
  • EA-30X can not only spray on flat terrain, but also suitable for mountain, hill, sloping and other scenes with large changes in height, such as tea gardens, orange orchards, peach orchards in mountainous areas, etc.

  • Q3: Can spraying through EA-20X drone also covers back of leaves?
  • EAVISION fruit tree spraying drone uses CMCC mist spray nozzle, the spraying diameter is 20-250μm, through the downward pressure wind field of the propeller, the droplets can be blown to the back of the leaves, and the adsorption force is very strong

  • Q4: When the EA-30X is taking off and landing, what is the safe distance for personnel?
  • Keep a safe distance of at least 10 meters when agricultural spraying drone taking off and landing

  • Q5: Can I fly the drone sprayer manually?
  • Yes, the EA-20X drone sprayer comes with a hand held transmitter-controller that can be used to control the EA-20X manually. In this mode, you will have direct control of the throttle, pitch, yaw, and roll of the EA-20X, and will still be able to manipulate the flow controls as you see fit

  • Q6: Does EAVISION offer drone training?
  • Yes, training is a free service that comes with any EAVISION agriculture drone purchase. Most clients choose to use EAVISION's remote (virtual) training program, but if you prefer, you can also choose to receive training in person at our facility in China. If we have local agents and distributors, you can also receive training services locally(Training fees may apply)

  • Q7: How do I generate missions for the EA-20X drones to fly?
  • Using our intuitive app interface, you will be able to easily draw shapes for the EA-20X pesticide drone sprayer to autonomously fly. We also provide a handheld GPS tracking device that you can use to digitally mark the edges of your lot, as well as obstacles within the field. Through EAVISION APP, you can control numerous mission parameters, including, but not limited to: altitude of flight, flow-rate, spray swath width, flight speed, and angle of flight. Uploading these missions to the APP is a simple, one-click process

  • Q8: Do the EA-30X drones have FPV (first-person-view) cameras?
  • Yes. Each of our EA-30X drones comes equipped with a live-streaming video feed by default. The video displays on a monitor that is built into the RC30 HD Remote Controller

  • Q9: Are EA-30X agricultural drones fly autonomous?
  • Yes. Aside from clicking "takeoff" and "landing", the EA-30X is fully autonomous. They will automatically generate flight paths, control spray flow, monitor tank and battery levels, and return to the designated landing site on their own. Can be controlled with a mobile phone or remote control using our EAVISION APP

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