The first AI Intelligent drone agriculture sprayer in the world, was launched in early 2021. The drone has integrated the ulmost advanced Lidar, Ultra sound radar and miniwave radar system with the binocular vision system. 
  • Detachable Tank

  • L4 Al Intelligent

  • Droplet Size20-250um

  • IP67 Waterproof

  • Binocular VisionTechnology

  • Terrain Follwing≤90° Obstacle Avoidance

  • Centimeter Level Accuracy

  • Fast Charging Battery in 20min

  • #
    AI Intelligent System
    Dual 4m pixels high-resolution cameras,120 wide-angle.
    The binocular vision system, real-time detects and reacts instantly. 
    No surveying or 3D modeling is required in a complex environment.
    Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance by Binocular vision technology
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    Conquer All Terrains, Cover All Fruit Trees
    Integrated multi-sensors include:
    Lidar sensor
    Millimeter-wave radar sensor
    Ultrasound radar sensor
    L4 high automation flight Areca trees >= 15m 
    Maximum slope angle ≤90°
    Close to canopy with minimum 0.7m, less drift.
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    Unique CCMS Mist Spray
    20-250µm mist spray, applicable for multiple crops.
    Droplets Bimodal distribution, perfect for trees. 
    Large droplets spray directly and effectively.
    Fine droplets cover lower leaves & leaf back. 
    Applicable with wettable powder. 
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    RTK cm Level Operation Accuracy
    Perfect application with precision agriculture.
    Safe and secure operation for night operation.
    RTK base works well in the intact forest without a mobile network.
    The drone will sustain the flight for another 2 minutes even when the satellite signal was lost and finally auto return to the home point safely.
    Visual navigation without fear of signal loss


Jobs in fruit tree mode
The process is simple, the operation is intelligent, and it is simple and easy to learn to learn, which is convenient for agricultural practitioners to quickly grasp the cash crop solutions and quickly enter the practical application.
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