Food crop solutions

Hilly and Mountainous Area · Flying Defense Expert

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    Detachable Tank

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    L4 Al Intelligent

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    Droplet Size20-250um

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    IP67 Waterproof

Application Scenarios
  • Precision Medicine Precision Medicine
    Precision Medicine
  • Spray Evenly Spray Evenly
    Spray Evenly
  • Variable Spray Variable Spray
    Variable Spray
  • Digital Management Digital Management
    Digital Management
Target Crops
Comprehensive coverage of major food crops around the world, such as rice, wheat, corn, potatoes, soybeans, etc.
Application Cases
  • Efficiency increased by 20%
    Efficiency increased by 20%
  • Fine mist spray Less drift
    Fine mist spray Less drift
  • Ultra low terrain following
    Ultra low terrain following
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