Agricultural drones carry out unified control and control of corn Spodoptera frugiperda

Nov 09 , 2022

Agricultural drones carry out unified control and control of corn Spodoptera frugiperda


In order to solidly carry out the action of "Insects, Grab Grain and Ensure Harvest", effectively prevent and control major crop diseases and insect pests such as Spodoptera frugiperda, and ensure the safety of food production, recently, Xishan District has planted corn plots in Tuanjie Sub-district Office to carry out Spodoptera frugiperda system. The prevention and control area is 160.3 mu, including 118 mu in Baimei Community and 42.3 mu in Longtan Community.


This prevention and control work is carried out by the Xishan District Agriculture and Rural Bureau through government procurement and commissioned by a qualified technical service agency in accordance with the "Implementation Plan for the Prevention and Control of Major Crops Pests and Diseases of Spodoptera frugiperda and Red Fire Ant in Xishan District in 2022". On the same day, a total of 60 people from Xishan District Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Tuanjie Sub-district Office, Baimei Community, Longtan Community and corn households observed and studied at the site.



It is understood that this is the second application of plant protection pest control drone manufacturer in Xishan District to control crop diseases and insect pests.


What are the advantages of using plant protection drones for control?


1. It is highly efficient, and the control area of ​​plant protection Corn Agricultural drones reaches 40-50 acres within 1 hour, which is about 50 times that of manual control;


2. It is safe for people. The use of plant protection drones to prevent and control diseases and insect pests only needs to operate within a safe range of pesticide spraying, and will not cause pesticide damage caused by inhalation or skin contact by the control personnel during the spraying process;


3. The cost is low, the plant protection drone spraying pesticides has a good atomization effect, and the dosage of prevention and control drugs in the same area is relatively small, which can effectively save costs;


4. There are many optional models, and the plant protection drone can choose to match different models for prevention and control according to the size of the contiguous planting area.


This activity of unified prevention and control of diseases and insect pests has received extensive attention from agricultural technicians and farmers, effectively improving the level of agricultural modernization in Xishan District. One demonstration site for unified prevention and control, the mortality rate of a single disease and insect pest is ≧ 85%, the overall damage loss is controlled within 5%, and the green prevention and control coverage rate is over 50%.” The goals and tasks have laid a solid foundation.



Titel:Agricultural drones carry out unified control and control of corn Spodoptera frugiperda

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