EA-20XE It's applicable to all kinds of field and economic crop plant protection services. With 4 high-pressure nozzles + 2 CCMS centrifuge mist spray nozzles is the best choise for rice, corn, wheat, soybean, sugar cane, vegetables, etc.

The DEMETER(EA-20XE) is a leading plant protection drone with world-leading stereo vision perception technology. With sensitive perception and autonomous obstacle avoidance, EA-20XE ensures safe and precise flying without the need to survey plots in complex environments.
  • L4 Al Intelligent

  • Droplet Size20-250um

  • IP67 Waterproof

  • Terrain Follwing≤90° Obstacle Avoidance

  • Fast Charging Battery in 20min

  • Unique CCMS Mist Spray (Global patented)
    • 20-250µm mist spray for multiple crops
    • Droplets Bimodal distribution, perfect penetration for trees.
    • Applicable with wettable powder.
    • 4 pressure nozzles + 2 centrifuge mist nozzles
  • Obstacle Avoidance
    • Front + rear obstacle avoidance radar
    • Safe and secure operation
    • 5-30m distance
    • Front FPV Camera
  • Terrain Following
    • Applicable with complex field environment
    • Automatically follow the terrain and maintain the attitude
    • Ultra close to canopy
  • RTK Base Accurate Positioning
    • Centi-meter level accurate positioning system
    • Safe and secure for day and night operation
    • Intelligent remote control with bright LCD screen
    • Flexible operation between autopilot & Manual

Jobs in fruit tree mode
The process is simple, the operation is intelligent, and it is simple and easy to learn to learn, which is convenient for agricultural practitioners to quickly grasp the cash crop solutions and quickly enter the practical application.
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