Hubei Vigorously Promotes Agricultural Drones to Prevent and Control Rapeseed Diseases and Insect Pests in 2023

Oct 17 , 2022

The autumn and winter plantings have been launched one after another, and the production of rapeseed has been steadily promoted in all parts of the province. On October 8, the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs formulated a technical plan for the green prevention and control of rape pests and diseases, requiring all localities to increase investment in green pest control, make good use of the central disaster relief funds, uniformly purchase green prevention and control materials, and vigorously promote the application of spray machine drone. High-efficiency spraying equipment is used to carry out unified prevention and control, and strive to achieve more than 52% of the green prevention and control coverage of rapeseed diseases and insects in the province, and the overall prevention and control disposal rate to over 90%. The hazard loss rate in the district is controlled below 12%.

The plan requires all localities to comprehensively use various agricultural, physical, biological, chemical and other prevention and control measures, highlight the main diseases and insect pests of rapeseed, and seize the critical period of prevention and control by applying pesticides. In terms of varieties, high-quality and high-efficiency rapeseed varieties that are resistant to density, high yield, lodging resistance and disease resistance should be selected, such as Zhongyouza 19, Huayouza 62, Huayouza 28, Dadi 199, Zhongshuang 11, Sunshine 50, Zhongyou 28, etc. . In places with severe clubroot disease, Huayouza 62R, Huashuang 5R, Huashuang 5R, Shengguang 165R, etc. can be selected; in areas with suitable conditions, it is recommended to widely implement flood and drought rotation to reduce the incidence of rapeseed diseases; at the same time, field management should be strengthened.


In terms of soil treatment, deep plowing and fertilization should be combined in areas where sclerotinia often occurs. For areas where clubroot disease is common, seedbed disinfection measures should be taken for transplanting rapeseed.


In terms of seed treatment, for direct seeding rape, appropriate seed coating agents are used to coat or dress the rape seeds to reduce the incidence of disease. For coating or seed dressing, biological pesticides Bacillus polymyxa and Bacillus subtilis can be used to control diseases, or chemical pesticides thiamethoxam to control aphids. When coating or dressing seeds, it is necessary to strictly follow the product instructions.


At the same time, timely carry out chemical control and unified prevention and control. During the critical period of rapeseed disease and pest prevention and control, the use of plant protection agro drone sprayer and other efficient plant protection equipment to carry out unified control, improve the efficiency of control, and reduce the damage of rapeseed sclerotinia, downy mildew, aphids and other diseases and insects.


The Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs requires that all localities should actively seek the attention and support of leaders at all levels, strive to elevate the departmental behavior of pest prevention and control to government behavior, refine work measures, strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, and organize on-site meetings and other related actions. Timely convey the spirit of relevant documents and meetings, and comprehensively promote the green prevention and control of rapeseed diseases and insects.

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