Agricultural Drones Prevent Insects and Increase Production, Saving Time and Effort

Oct 18 , 2022

"Now every day our drone works, we save about 100 people in labor. A large-capacity drone with a bucket of water can spray 30 to 40 acres at a time." A few days ago, in Wuxing, Taihe Town, Yongxing County In a paddy field in Luo Village, 5 agricultural drones are flying at low altitude above the paddy field. The mixture of nutrients and anti-stress agents sprayed from the fuselage is evenly sprinkled on the paddy field, delivering a delivery for late rice. In just over ten minutes, nearly 200 mu of paddy fields were sprayed.


Affected by the continuous high temperature weather, many towns and villages in Yongxing County have experienced different degrees of drought this year. The drought in late rice is on the rise, and the stable yield of autumn grains has been seriously affected. In the past few days, the county's Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau has seized the opportunity to organize a professional fertilizer sprayer drone team and agricultural technical cadres to go to the front line. Improve the disease resistance and drought resistance of late rice to ensure that the yield of late rice is not reduced.

At present, it is the heading and flowering period of rice, which is also a critical period for pest control. At this time, drought can easily lead to yellowing and wilting of rice leaves, which affects rice grain filling. With the goal of fighting drought and ensuring grain and achieving a bumper harvest, the county has implemented the government-led, territorial responsibility, joint prevention and control work mechanism, and has drawn up a guidance work plan for agricultural production and disaster relief. It is required to strengthen the monitoring, early warning and prevention and control of major diseases and insect pests of autumn crops to ensure the realization of the goal of "two increases and two decreases" to promote a bumper harvest.


"In the past, it took half an hour for one mu of land to spray medicine with a sprayer. Now we provide free pest and drought relief services. Using drones to spray medicine is convenient." Deng Wenxiong, a big grain grower, told reporters happily that before spraying medicine, he used to carry medicine on his back. It takes a week to finish 100 mu of land with sprayer, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the control effect is also very general. Now, with the use of drone precision farming to spray medicine, all of them are finished in less than 20 minutes, which makes him particularly happy.


Compared with traditional manual control, plant protection agricultural drone manufacturers have the advantages of uniform spraying, good atomization effect, and are not restricted by crop growth and terrain. The strong downward swirling airflow formed during operation can flip and shake crops at the same time. A zone of turbulence is created between crops, allowing pesticides to be sprayed on the undersides and roots of stems and leaves. At the same time, the operation efficiency can reach 30-50 times that of manual labor, and the pesticide saving can reach more than 30%, which is conducive to reducing pesticide residues and environmental pollution, and making agricultural production more efficient.


It is understood that since the occurrence of the drought, multiple departments of Yongxing County have cooperated, made careful deployment, and acted quickly to organize more than 100 county and township agricultural technical cadres to go deep into the fields of 240 villages in 16 townships (streets) in the county to carry out drought resistance guidance work. Issue reminders and technical measures for drought resistance and autumn grain protection, and promote the implementation of key technical measures to increase production such as "one spray, more promotion". Up to now, the county has completed the "one-spray, multi-promoting" flying prevention operation service for 60,000 mu of late rice, driving the county's 183,600 mu of late rice to increase production and income.

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