EAVISION Drones Help Agricultural Production

May 31 , 2022

        Right now, it is a critical period for the growth of seed production corn. Each village in Yanuan Town, Linze County organizes "flying prevention" professional technicians to use plant protection chemical drone sprayer to control diseases and insect pests for seed production corn, providing scientific and technological support and guarantee for increasing agricultural income.

        Recently, in the seed corn field in Zhangwan Village, Yanuan Town, Linze County, an unmanned aircraft, under the control of technicians, sprayed the medicine evenly on the corn leaves. According to the operator, the pesticide spraying operation by plant protection drone for spraying trees not only solves the problem of delays in farming due to insufficient labor in some families, but also sprays more uniformly, faster, without dead ends, and has better pest control effects. Plant protection 20L agriculture spraying drone for spray prevention operations can save 40%-50% of pesticides compared to traditional manual spraying, and can operate more than 500 acres per flight per day, which is 10-15 times that of manual operations.

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