Contributing to Agriculture: Plant Protection Drones

May 30 , 2022

The future development trend of domestic plant protection drones is mainly reflected in four aspects:


The first is operation. Plant protection drones are complicated to operate, especially unmanned helicopters, which have higher capabilities for operators. With the continuous development of plant protection drone technology, the operation of plant protection drones will be simpler and easier for users to get started.


The second is the load. At present, the load of the plant protection drone is maintained at 5kg-20kg, and the load is too small, which makes the operation more complicated. It is believed that the load of the plant protection drone will become larger and larger in the future.


The third is price. Price is one of the factors hindering the popularization of plant protection drones. The price of domestic plant protection drones varies, but at least it ranges from 50,000 to 200,000. With the continuous development of technology, the cost of plant protection Agriculture drone new tech will drop, and the price will become lower and lower. Secondly, plant protection drone companies compete with each other and adopt the method of improving technology to control costs, so as to reduce prices to generate competitive advantages.


The fourth is service. At present, the supporting services for plant protection oil palm plantation agriculture drone in China are lagging behind. With the continuous development of the plant protection drone industry, related supporting services such as maintenance, insurance, etc. will become more complete and mature.


The emergence and development of Agriculture drone for rice plant protection machines have made great contributions to agriculture. Compared with traditional plant protection operations, it has the characteristics of precise operation, high efficiency, environmental protection, intelligence, and simple operation, saving farmers large machinery and a lot of manpower. the cost of.

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