Do you know the advantages of agricultural drones?

Apr 12 , 2022

Do you know the advantages of agricultural drones?


1. Intelligent agriculture spraying drones, simple operation; the plant protection drone is composed of three parts: the flight platform, the navigation flight control, and the spraying mechanism. The flight data of the drone can be viewed on the ground, and the remote control assists the drone status, flight status and spraying. The state can be controlled by the flight control system. The current flight control system achieves fully autonomous operation, which requires relatively low operator requirements and can be learned within 5-10 days of operator training.

2. Aerial spraying, suitable for various terrain operations; plant protection drones spray liquids on plants in the air. Its flight height can be independently designed. The aircraft can fly on the surface of plants and is suitable for flying on a relatively gentle slope. The plant protection drone can also reset the height during the flight, which is suitable for terrace spraying; the altitude control of the plant protection drone is also called absolute height. Use drones to spray fruit trees or aquatic plants.

3. The spraying speed is fast and the work efficiency is high; now the flying speed of the plant protection drone is 4-10 meters, and the flying speed can also be adjusted on the ground of the agriculture drone spraying price. The working efficiency of a 20L plant protection drone is 170 acres /hour, 800-1200 acres of land can be sprayed every day, and the spraying efficiency is very high.

4. Long-distance spraying to avoid pesticide poisoning; the remote control radius of the plant protection drone is 1000 meters, we can control the drone from a long distance, or quickly close the drone nozzle on the remote control settings, so it can be sprayed from a long distance. pesticide.

5. Save pesticides and reduce costs; crop spraying drones uses atomizing nozzles for spraying, intelligent control of spraying speed, uniform spraying, UAV has breakpoint function, avoids re-spraying and leakage of UAV, and greatly saves The use of pesticides reduces planting costs.

6. Avoid crushing plants; plant protection drones spray medicines in the air far away from plants, and will not touch plants; except that bombs will cause plant damage, they will not cause plant damage in general.

7. The back of the leaves can also be sprayed, and the control effect is good; the plant protection drone is sprayed to the wind field under the pressure of the drone, and the sprayed water mist is sprayed on the plants, and the plants can be sprayed, and the leaves of the plants will be in the drone's air. It is turned over under the wind field, so that the back of the leaves and the back of the trunk can also be sprayed with pesticides, and the control effect is higher.

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