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Mrs Hou's Experience for Citrus Plant Protection

Aug 18 , 2022

Mrs Hou from Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, when she first took over the orchard, found that fruit planting was not as easy as she thought. The equipment in the orchard was too outdated. Her parents used to pull buckets up the mountain to spray medicine, and the irrigation equipment was not laid. It is done manually.


Mrs Hou learned that the current planting technology, orchard equipment and management equipment are constantly innovating. By actively learning and studying scientific planting techniques such as fruit tree pruning and plant protection, she updated the orchard's facilities and learned to operate plant protection drones.



The most difficult thing in the management of citrus orchards is the control of pests and diseases. Especially in summer, the incidence of pests and diseases is high, and the weather is hot and labor is difficult. This series of problems made her think about it, and she needs to introduce high-tech tools to help her manage the orchard.


At the beginning, she still took a wait-and-see attitude towards plant protection drones. With the recommendation of a friend who was a local citrus grower, she began to try to use EAVISION drones for red spider control. According to her actual trial, the EAVISION drone will not have flight control problems such as inability to penetrate and prevent red spiders on the back of leaves, and no red spider infestation occurred in her orchard within 3 months after spraying.



The EAVISION drone has brought convenience to her management of the orchard. In addition to saving labor and medicine, the most important thing is that it can seize the rainy season and spray medicine at night to improve work efficiency. Avoid the high temperature of 40 degrees during the day in summer, and turn on the night flight mode at night to race against time and prevent efficiently. With the joint efforts of her and EAVISION UAV, the yield and quality of citrus orchards have been doubled.


While meeting the flight control needs of her own orchard, she found that she could also provide flight control services for other growers.



Everything is new to her. Whether it is scientific planting management or drone plant protection and flight control, she has the courage to try and practice, turning difficulties into experience and injecting power into smart agriculture.

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