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Experiment on the Flying Control of Pests, Weeds and Pests in Soybean and Corn Belt Compound Planting

Oct 11 , 2022

Soybean-corn ribbon compound planting is innovatively developed on the basis of the traditional corn intercropping of soybeans and corn intercropping sweet potato. It adopts the field layout method of wide and narrow rows, and makes full use of the advantages of side rows to realize corn and soybean ribbon intercropping and intercropping. Alternate crop rotation between occasions to achieve a one-season double-harvest planting mode that adapts to mechanized operations and harmonious symbiosis between crops.


Soybean, corn pest survey


EAVISION, together with the Institute of Plant Protection of Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Bayer CropScience (China) Co., Ltd., carried out a demonstration of flying control in the soybean-corn ribbon compound planting area. Before the test, the experimenters randomly selected 12 soybean and corn plants under the vertical spray pattern, and attached water-sensitive paper to the soybean leaves, corn leaves and corn plant cores to test the spraying of crops by drone effect


EAVISION UAV plant protection test


NH/T 1002.1-2016 Operational Quality Technical Indicator The fog droplet coverage density is 30-40 pieces/cm². After testing the recycled test water-sensitive paper, the fog droplet coverage density is 92.21-213.38 pieces/cm², far exceeding the standard index. According to the feedback from the water sensitive paper, whether it is corn or soybeans, the EAVISION drone can penetrate and spray evenly. The mist droplets at room temperature are fine in size, and will not cause additional damage such as drug burns to the leaves, which can be safer and more effective for control pest infestation.


EAVISION UAV has carried out pre-emergence herbicides and pest control experiments and demonstrations in the soybean-corn belt compound planting area in Shandong, and all have achieved good results. With the growth of crops, we will also continue to carry out the full-scale flight control test of diseases, insects and weeds to demonstrate that the EAVISION UAV can perform efficient and high-quality flight control in various important periods of soybean and corn. Compound planting provides better plant protection support.

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