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Cowpea plant protection experiment to create an efficient flight control mode

Oct 12 , 2022

1. The basic situation of the test

Test date: January 18, 2022

Test location: Cowpea Demonstration Base in Yacheng Village, Yazhou District, Sanya City (drone spraying) and farmer fields in Baogu Village, Yazhou District, Sanya City (manual spraying)

Survey Dates: January 19, 2022, January 21 and January 23, 2022



2. Drone Parameters

Model E-20X spray width 3.5m
acre spray amount 5L flight altitude 3m
Droplet size 30μm flight speed 2m/s


3. Investigation Method

Sampling: 10 cowpea plants were randomly investigated in the middle row of each plot, and 2-3 flowers were randomly selected from each plant

Total number of samples: number of thrips in 20-30 flowers

Investigation interval: 1 investigation before treatment, as the base number of insect population before treatment, 1 investigation on the 1st, 3rd and 5th day after treatment, a total of 4 times. Calculate the rate of infestation decline.


4. Comparison of control effect in demonstration area and manual control effect

Place Investigation item Number of total insect populations before spraying (head) Insect population decline rate 1 hour after spraying (%) Insect population decline rate 3 hour after spraying (%) Insect population decline rate 5 hour after spraying (%)
1 Thrips 157.67 92.48 70.21 70.89
2 Thrips 238 45,15 - -


5. Test Conclusion

Operation method Dosage (ml) Water consumption per acre (L)
manual 440 60
drone spray 240 5



After 2-3 days of manual application, it needs to be applied again to achieve the purpose of preventing and controlling cowpea diseases and insect pests; and the duration of drone application can reach 6 days, and the duration of drone application is longer than that of manual application. 3 to 4 days. The drug-saving rate of drone spraying is 45.45%, and the water-saving rate is as high as 91.67%. Experiments have proved that the effect of drone application is more obvious and the number of applications is less, and the use of drone flight defense can achieve the "double reduction" purpose of saving water and agrochemical. At the same time, the drone application is safe, has no effect on the quality of cowpea, and has no phytotoxicity to the leaves. Cowpea is a vegetable variety with high requirements on light and temperature conditions and obvious location advantages, and it is the preferred income-generating method for rural families in Hainan Province. In recent years, the requirements for agriculture in various regions have not only pursued the quantity, but also paid more attention to the greening in the planting process and the excellent quality of the fruit. Therefore, according to the local actual situation and the occurrence of diseases and insect pests, the professional unmanned aerial vehicle control system can make pesticide reduction and efficiency more effective, and can also better improve the quality of fruits.

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