EAVISION Participated in the First Drone Application Technology Seminar in Shandong Province

Sep 27 , 2023

To promote the application and popularization of precision spraying technology for plant protection drones, EAVISION was invited to participate in the DroneApplication Technology Seminar of Shandong Plant Protection Association on September 21-22, held in Qixia City, Shandong Province.


The participants included leaders and experts from 16 cities in Shandong Province and key fruit tree planting counties (cities, districts) agricultural technology promotion centers, integrated pest management service organizations, agricultural input dealers, and large-scale growers, totaling nearly 90 people.



In EAVISION's experimental apple orchard, the representatives observed the autonomous obstacle avoidance operation process and fluorescence demonstration test of EAVISION drones, and inspected the prevention and control of orchard pests and diseases, which was highly praised.



At the seminar, Mr. Que from EAVISION delivered a speech entitled "The Exploration of EAVISION Plant Protection drones", introducing the development of EAVISION Plant Protection drones and the achievements of EAVISION’s aerial spraying experimental garden project. Taking the example of Yuehan Village in Hunan, he described the successful case of integrated pest control jointly carried out by EAVISION and the local government, and explained the huge advantages of EAVISION drones' dual-peak mist nozzles in plant protection.



EAVISION drones have also effectively solved the problems of "no available machinery" and low planting efficiency in hilly and mountainous areas, providing strong support for users to improve crop quality, save costs, and increase income.



Mr. Yang from EAVISION explained the "Drone-Technology-Agent" service model of EAVISION and Qingdao Sinoagro. It combined the EAVISION Plant Protection drones with Qingdao Sinoagro's strong agricultural input team, sound network channels, and years of plant protection technical service, which built a five-level socialized production and sales aerial spraying service system of "province-city-county-township-village".



Shuanglei Wang, the stationmaster of Yantai Agricultural Technology Promotion Center, reported and explained the apple orchard test demonstration with EAVISION drones, and the test results showed that EAVISION Plant Protection drones were more effective than traditional ground spraying in preventing multiple apple diseases. In addition, Mr Wang also put forward prospects for future agricultural mechanization, integrated pest management, and green environmental protection.


This seminar deeply explored the application scenarios of agricultural intelligent plant protection equipment and the development direction of aerial spraying services, and confirmed the important position of drone plant protection operations in agricultural socialization services.



In the future, EAVISION will continue to rely on agricultural drones, jointly explore the "man-machine-agent-technology" solutions with agricultural input dealers in various provinces and regions, and use digital tools such as smart agriculture system to explore new socialized agricultural service models with local agricultural input dealers, breaking through the difficulties of large-scale aerial spraying operations in economic fruit forests.

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