Yunnan | The Effect is Remarkable! Funing County Sugarcane EAVISION Drone Spraying Work Passed the Acceptance

Aug 01 , 2022

Recently, Yunnan Funing Xianggui Sugar Industry Co., Ltd. organized and presided over the acceptance of EAVISION unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sugarcane control work, and invited the National Sugar Industry Technology System Pest Control Research Office, Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences Sugarcane Research Institute, Guangxi Sugarcane Experts from the Key Laboratory of Biology, Funing County Agricultural Technology Promotion Center and other relevant units formed an acceptance team to conduct acceptance assessment of the mid-to-late stage sugarcane borer control and fly prevention work in Funing County. , the expert group unanimously agreed to pass the acceptance. EAVISION's months of sugarcane flying defense has finally "repaired"!


In 2021, EAVISION sugarcane drone sprayer will participate in the 22,022.93 mu of Funing County’s drone control plan for sugarcane middle and late stage borers; according to the analysis of the liquid configuration list and the dispensing specifications, the materials are calculated according to the amount per mu, and the error is within ±5%. , the material errors all meet the error range standard; the sugarcane spring drone operation trajectory and the droplet detection card are checked by random, and the data shows that the spraying is uniform, and the operation speed, flow, and droplets meet the requirements; when the evaluation was conducted on September 3, 2021, The dead insect rate reached 80%. Through the comprehensive investigation and evaluation in the later period, the control efficiency of the stem borer rate in the middle and late stages of sugarcane pest control was 83.88% to 88.90%, and the average control efficiency reached 87.08%. : 83.97%~93.50%, the average control effect reached 89.89%.

In terms of economic benefits, the unmanned aerial vehicle controls the sugarcane area. Compared with the traditional control method, the flying control can reduce the dosage by 20% per mu, save 0.4 manpower, and save about 100 yuan/mu in overall cost. Compared with the control area, the yield increased by 618.93kg to 1115.94kg. According to the increase of 618kg/mu per mu, sugarcane farmers can increase their income by 309 yuan/mu, which can increase their income by 6.8 million yuan.


In terms of social benefits, this project reflects the combination of "production, education and research", using EAVISION high-tech plant protection agricultural drone for sugarcane and the latest scientific research achievements of colleges and universities to solve the practical problems of the sugarcane industry and expand the level of large-scale production of sugarcane by serving enterprises; The transfer of rural labor to the secondary and tertiary industries has created conditions and solved the worries of labor shortages and migrant workers.

In terms of ecological benefits, EAVISION UAV has changed the traditional pest control method through "efficient and safe" green flight control, improving the effect of pest control, reducing the abuse of pesticides and improving the quality and safety level of agricultural products; reducing the impact of pesticides on Soil and water pollution, ensure food quality and safety, protect rural ecological environment, and promote the sustainable development of agriculture in the project area.


In 2022, EAVISION UAVs will continue to help Funing County implement the plan of 60,000 mu of sugarcane control and fly control operations, improve the efficiency of sugarcane pest control, and help increase sugarcane production and income.

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