Yunnan | Protect Annona Squamosa, Choose The Drone That Can Fly Well By Itself

Oct 09 , 2022

Sakyamuni is named Sakyamuni because the fruit is shaped like the head of a Buddha statue.

Sakyamuni has good flavor, rich nutrition and high economic value, but its planting conditions are harsh. Yunnan has a tropical and subtropical climate, and the temperature is suitable throughout the year. It is one of the main producing areas of Sakyamuni.

"I don't know anything about machines, so I chose it because I saw it could fly well on its own."


Zhou Jinle, a native of Zhanjiang, Guangdong, has been engaged in agriculture in Yunnan for 16 years. He started planting Sakyamuni five years ago. This year, he started to use EAVISION drones. How is the flight defense effect? ​​He told us this

"My fruit is free of pests and diseases this year"

On the left is the Sakyamuni fruit that has been artificially planted in other orchards. Diseases and insect pests have invaded the fruit to form disease spots. On the right is the fruit that Zhou Jinle used to fly with EAVISION agricultural drone company this year. The skin is smooth and disease-free. High-quality fruit means better returns for growers.


"Better control at night"

Night is the active time for many insect pests, and it is better to work at night. After the EAVISION drone sprayer company turns on the night flight mode, there is no difference between day and night operations, and it operates efficiently while ensuring good efficacy.


"Saved me a lot of money"

Zhou Jinle has a total of 225 acres of Sakyamuni orchards. In the past, it took 6 people to complete the work manually in 4 days, but the EAVISION Spraying drone company only needs 1 person and 3 nights to complete the operation. It is estimated that the labor cost and drug cost saved are as high as more than 70,000 yuan a year.


The requirements of contemporary farmers for agricultural machinery have been upgraded to not only easy to use but also easy to use. Based on the concept of environmental friendliness and user friendliness, EAVISION UAV adheres to innovation-driven development, so that innovation achievements such as the source of living water continue to flow, and technology is used to better serve agricultural production and development.

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