The application of agricultural drones for fruit trees

Apr 20 , 2022

Agricultural drones for fruit trees application China is the world's largest country with the largest fruit planting area and output. If the penetration rate of field crops can be achieved, the prospects of fruit tree flying prevention are limitless. However, compared with field crops such as rice and wheat, fruit trees have the characteristics of taller plants, thicker canopies, and steep terrain (especially fruit trees in southern mountainous areas). Agricultural drones have a long way to go to achieve good operational results. For agricultural drones to be well used in fruit tree areas, the following performance indicators should be achieved: (1) to achieve automatic ground imitation, that is, to be able to fly at a fixed relative height in steep mountains; (2) to achieve good coverage of fog droplets , and the open space should not be sprayed; (3) Avoid excessively high concentrations of chemical liquid or strong wind field damage to fruit trees and fruits. To solve the problem of automatic ground imitation, the previous solution is often to obtain a 3D model through aerial photography and computer mapping by a surveying and mapping drone, and finally generate a 3D route. The advantages of this method are high accuracy and the ability to identify obstacles, but the disadvantages are high cost (need to purchase additional surveying and mapping agriculture with drones, high-configuration computers) and complex processes. Therefore, with the discontinuation of agricultural drone spray price for plant protection and surveying and mapping, the operation methods of fruit trees have undergone great changes in the past two years. One trend is that agricultural drones use visual recognition. For fruit trees that are not steep, they can be directly operated. Automatically identify and imitate the ground. For the steeper fruit trees, the agricultural drone is used for aerial photography and the remote control is used for reconstruction and calculation, and the generated results can be directly called for operation. The second problem to be solved is that the fog droplets cover evenly, which is a more difficult project than the first point. Similar to citrus, lychee and other fruit tree types, if effective pruning is not achieved, the canopy is often sealed, and just relying on the strong wind field cannot ensure that the droplets penetrate into the middle and lower parts. Under the pressure of strong wind fields, the canopy tends to stack up and is more difficult to penetrate. To solve this problem, Eavision is Providing Advanced Tools for Agriculture Industry. The intelligent drone sprayer (EA-2021) that reaches the L4 level of drone autonomy. With ultra-low terrain following and accurate obstacle avoidance, without surveying. Moreover, 20L Capacity Applicable crop species including rice, cotton, maize, wheat, grape, cherry, orange, eggplant, peanut, sunflower, etc. can effectively solve the problem of fruit tree spraying

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