Join The New Agricultural Technology Team With EAVISION

Jun 15 , 2022

Join The New Agricultural Technology Team With EAVISION


Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued the "14th Five-Year Plan" National Agricultural Mechanization Development Plan, which clarified the overall thinking, goals, tasks and policy measures for the development of my country's agricultural mechanization during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. As well as the development and evolution of the employment environment, more and more agricultural enterprises are starting to use a prototype mobile manipulator for agricultural applications, the design of which follows the requirements of low cost, low weight, simplicity and high flexibility and modularity. Solve related agricultural production problems.


Therefore, now that agricultural robots are in a period of vigorous development and rising, more and more young people have seen the opportunities in the future and joined the team of promoting agricultural mechanization to become a new farmer. Automation is a major trend in agriculture in the future, and robots are a key to the development of agriculture.

So if you want to join the agricultural robot industry, how should you choose?


Suzhou Jimu Robot Technology Co., Ltd., the industry leader, a team not to be missed!


Suzhou Jimu Robot has been committed to the research and development of intelligent agricultural robots for many years, and has independently developed an all-terrain intelligent plant protection drone by taking full advantage of its technological advantages. In the independent operation of agriculture, it has successfully contributed to the deep integration of modern information technology and agricultural mechanization in my country, and is known as an expert in flying defense in hills and mountains. In addition, Jimu UAV has covered more than 40 kinds of economic crops in the country, and it has become one of the leading UAV manufacturers in the industry with its strength. Now it is accumulating through continuous experiments and continuously innovating crops throughout the process Plant protection program.


At present, the sales outlets and after-sales service stations of Jimu Robot are being accelerated nationwide.


A sound agency and management system will help partners grow together with Jimu, and inject new impetus into the country's rural revitalization and agricultural mechanization development.


In view of the role of Jimu in agricultural production and the positive feedback from many agricultural flying defense projects, more and more dealers have chosen to join in and gained a lot of income from it. Many traditional agricultural materials and agricultural machinery suppliers who are striving for transformation have joined in, and with the help of Jimu's scientific and technological strength, they have been upgraded to comprehensive agricultural service providers and enriched their profit model!


For agents, Jimu also has a complete set of integrated pre-sales and after-sales support - multi-purpose products, advertising promotion, use and maintenance training, after-sales technical support, etc., to solve technical problems for agents and avoid worries. Feel free to join Jimu and become a Jimu agent.


Only by following the right people and doing the right things can you go all the way in the right direction. The new era of agricultural mechanization and intelligence has already begun. Join the Nuggets in the era of agricultural mechanization!

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