Hunan | Citrus Pests And Diseases Are Growing, EAVISION Agricultural Drones Help

Sep 22 , 2022

On September 15, a training meeting on the prevention and control of citrus Huanglongbing was held in Mayang, Hunan Province, the capital of rock candy oranges in China. The meeting was mainly to implement key technologies for the prevention and control of citrus Huanglongbing, and further promote the prevention and control of citrus Huanglongbing in the province. The EAVISION agrichemicals spraying drone manufacturer robot and relevant persons in charge of counties and municipalities in 65 citrus Huanglongbing, citrus psyllid occurrence areas and high-risk areas in the province jointly developed solutions at this meeting.


The meeting pointed out that citrus Huanglongbing is the number one disease endangering the global citrus industry, and once it occurs, it can cause the entire region to destroy citrus orchards and fail to harvest. Hunan Province is a major province of citrus in the country. The citrus planting area, output and output value have ranked second in the country all year round. The output value of the whole industry chain is about 50 billion yuan. The citrus planting area covers more than 80 counties and cities, and more than 5 million farmers use citrus as the main source of household income. At present, citrus Huanglongbing is spreading in the dominant citrus producing areas in southern Hunan, and the trend of northward expansion is obvious. It is imperative to strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic.

At the meeting, Que Renwen, general manager of EAVISION Robotics Agriculture, introduced the development history of EAVISION and the high-tech technology of EAVISION spraying uav factory to the guests.

Before the flying defense demonstration, randomly select citrus trees in the citrus orchard, and attach test water-sensitive paper to the trunk, front and back of the leaves on the upper, middle and lower layers. After flying control, it can be observed that there are fog droplets on each layer of water-sensitive paper with uniform distribution, and the particle size of the droplets is small, which is more conducive to the absorption of drugs by crops and improves the control effect of diseases and insect pests.

For the prevention and control of citrus Huanglongbing disease, we must seek answers from science and technology, adhere to the guidance of practical needs, and pay attention to the whole process of agricultural production. The combination of "medicine, machine and technology" is the key. , EAVISION agrichemicals spraying drone company will continue to pay attention to citrus Huanglongbing, assist in timely prevention and control, and escort the healthy growth of citrus orchards.

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