How to Increase The Efficiency of Apple Plant Protection By 80%? EAVISION New Technology for Spraying Fruit Trees

Aug 11 , 2022

Yantai City, Shandong Province is the first area in my country to grow apples. Yantai apples are known as the "Queen" of Jiaodong fruit family with their excellent varieties and unique flavors. Yantai apples are sweet and crunchy. In addition to being rich in sugar, they also contain malic acid, carotene, ascorbic acid, calcium, iron, zinc and other substances necessary for human health.


According to statistics, in 2020, the apple planting area in Yantai will reach 2.8 million mu, with a total output of 5.75 million tons. There are more than 800,000 fruit farmers and more than 1.7 million people.

But such a large-scale apple planting does not have the labor guarantee to match it. It is understood that among the local fruit farmers, there are very few young laborers. The scarcity of labor has led to higher and higher labor costs, and the benefits of fruit farmers have also been affected.


It is the weather of high temperature and high humidity from July to August. Brown spot, anthracnose leaf blight, bagged fruit black spot, and unbagged apple ring disease are at the peak of invading infection! At the call of relevant government units in Yantai Penglai, the EAVISION Crop Science Department demonstrated the efficiency and convenience of EAVISION UAV use and the efficiency of operation through test flight and effect, and successfully completed the task of Penglai apple unified defense.


Local growers said that their children work in other places, and there is no surplus labor at home to grow apples. As they grow older, apple planting and plant protection become more and more tiring, and labor is more and more expensive; some apple orchards are hilly and mountainous. Terrain, artificial plant protection safety hazards are also greater.

At present, the entire agricultural industry is faced with the problems of a serious aging workforce, expensive and difficult to find labor, and the mechanization and standardization of the planting process is an inevitable trend. UAV flight defense is the best choice for Apple's mechanized plant protection. Only one pilot and one plane can complete the plant protection task of 100 mu in one day, which significantly reduces the labor cost of apple plant protection and greatly improves the plant protection efficiency.


The actual test results show that the water consumption per mu of the EAVISION drone apple orchard is about 6 liters, and the water consumption per mu of other field machinery is 125 liters. The drone sprayer for apple can save about 95% of water consumption.


EAVISION UAV can operate at high speed with ultra-low imitation, reducing the drift of liquid droplets. At the same time, the drone can also adjust its own spraying range and spraying speed according to the row spacing, height and branch growth of the apple tree. It can not only reduce the environmental pollution caused by the drift of the liquid medicine, but also achieve the purpose of comprehensive prevention and control of diseases and insect pests under the condition of reducing the use of medicines.

"Before I sprayed the medicine myself, I often couldn't hit the upper leaves when I shot from the bottom to the top. I used this drone later, and I could hit it from the top to the bottom. The leaves can also be sprayed with the medicine." The local grower commented. The penetration of EAVISION New Technology for Spraying Fruit Trees spray is very satisfactory.

EAVISION UAV mist spraying system, through the cooperation of wind and mist, can easily wrap the liquid medicine on the back of the leaves, so as to achieve efficient and accurate spraying effect, and solve the problems of difficult manual spraying and uneven spraying.

According to feedback from growers, it took six people three days to finish 50 acres of land by hand. It only takes less than half a day to use the EAVISION drone to hit 50 acres of land. Compared with traditional manual work, the efficiency is improved by about 80%.


EAVISION participates in the unified defense of apples in Yantai, Shandong, and solves the problems of hard labor, water and medicine costs, and low plant protection efficiency for apple growers through green flight control. The results of the on-site test have been unanimously affirmed. EAVISION drones will continue to assist in the plant protection of apples in various cities in Shandong in the next few months. We invite everyone to meet during the apple harvest season to witness whether apples can achieve the same yield and quality under the escort of EAVISION. Double increase!

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