How drones can be used in agriculture?

Mar 17 , 2022

Estimated soil condition

Smart agriculture is data-driven, enabling farmers to take action based on accurate information about soil conditions. Extracting this data previously involved physical access to the site and manual collection of indicators. Drone in agriculture spraying with intelligent sensors can collect and transmit these data, which can be processed in a faster and more accurate way.

Grow future crops

Prepare the soil for planting and then launch seeds into it with drones instead of using outdated planting technology. The efficiency is more than 10 times that of artificial seeding. The autonomous agriculture drone and intelligent UAV technology completely solves the problem of low agricultural efficiency.

Save labor cost

Future of drones in agriculture can also spray fields with water, fertilizer or herbicides, reducing costs, manual labor and time spent on these processes

Resistance to infection and pests

Agricultural UAVs can not only use thermal energy, multispectral and hyperspectral technologies to inform farmers of soil conditions, but also detect farmland caused by weeds, infections and pests. Based on these data, farmers can determine the exact amount of chemicals needed to fight pests and diseases, which will not only help reduce expenditure, but also help improve field health.

Agricultural spraying

Smart farms also use drones for agricultural spraying, which helps limit human contact with fertilizers, pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

Crop monitoring

By using drones for agricultural mapping, farmers can know the health status of plants in specific areas at any time and point out the fields that need attention. According to the real-time feedback information, farmers can take measures to improve the condition of plants.

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