Electric or oil-powered agricultural drones which is better?

Apr 06 , 2022

Agriculture spraying drone have a low operating height, less drift, and can hover in the air, without the need for a dedicated take-off and landing airport. The downward airflow generated by the rotor helps to increase the penetration of the fog flow to crops, with high control effect and long-distance remote control operation. , spraying operators avoid the danger of exposure to pesticides, improve the safety of spraying operations and many other advantages. In addition, the electric unmanned helicopter spraying technology can save at least 50% of the pesticide use and 90% of the water consumption by spraying, which will greatly reduce the cost of resources. The method of spraying with drones greatly reduces the risk of exposure caused by people gathering. Compared with oil-powered drones, electric drones have small overall size, light weight, lower depreciation rate, low labor cost per unit operation, and easy maintenance.

In addition to learning to operate plant protection drones used in farming, to do plant protection flight control services, master the corresponding knowledge of agriculture, pesticides and plant protection. Different crops have different application amounts of liquid medicines, different concentration requirements, and accuracy of machine performance. requirements.

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