EAVISION Agricultural Plant Protection Drone Spray in Tobacco Fields

Aug 19 , 2022

EAVISION Agricultural Plant Protection Drone Spray in Tobacco Fields

In the field of Kawo Group, Yiyong Village, Lianzhu Town, Mojiang County, Pu'er City, Yunnan Province, the EAVISION plant protection drone hovered over the tobacco field, spraying pesticides evenly...


In the past two years, the government of Lianzhu Town, Mojiang County has increased the publicity and popularization of micro-machines to save time, labor and labor. The use of tobacco spraying drone is closely combined with the professional control of pests and diseases, and the technical essentials are taught to every farmer.


Tao Wenchang, a villager who is using drones to apply pesticides in the field, said cheerfully: "I have planted more than 20 acres of flue-cured tobacco this year. In the past, pesticides were all done manually. Last year, we both carried sprayers on our backs to apply pesticides. Stepping on the tobacco seedlings or breaking the well-growing leaves during work, in addition, the leaves will secrete sticky substances, which can easily contaminate the skin and clothing. The shoulders of the spraying box are also very painful; this year, the technicians of the tobacco station taught us to use drones to spray the medicine. The separation of people, machines and medicines will not only not damage the tobacco leaves, but also avoid the cross-spreading of diseases and insect pests, and it will take less than half an hour to spray. Getting my more than 20 acres of land saved me a lot of time to do other things."


Li Jie, head of the Lianzhu Town Tobacco Station, said: "As a new type of pesticide application machine, Drone Spray Tobacco are not restricted by complex geographical factors such as mountains and hills. We introduced unmanned aerial vehicles at the beginning of this year. Combining drone technology with spraying pesticides, we started the promotion of large-scale spraying operations using drones for plant protection. Now is the period of vigorous growth of flue-cured tobacco, which is also an important period for basic pest control. We have 11 plants in Lianzhu Town. The village promotes the use of drones for pesticide application, which has low plant protection costs, saves water and drugs, is safe and environmentally friendly, significantly reduces the amount of pesticides applied, reduces the environmental pollution caused by pesticides and the physical harm to operators, and aerial work also avoids damage to crops. , while greatly saving labor, it has achieved good control effects, allowing farmers to easily enjoy the convenience brought by the development of science and technology, and has been recognized by the majority of farmers."


Since this year, the innovative model of using high technology to improve the efficiency of agricultural production has become an important measure for Lianzhu Town to vigorously promote rural revitalization and mechanization of agricultural production. The application of agricultural drone for tobacco in the field of agricultural plant protection has played a very good start. In the future development, Lianzhu Town will steadily promote the consolidation and expansion of poverty alleviation achievements and the effective connection of rural revitalization, pay more attention to the three rural issues, pay attention to new agricultural technologies, and continuously promote the introduction of small machinery and high-tech achievements, so as to contribute to the development of agriculture in mountainous areas. Take off "wings", continue to consolidate the foundation for sustainable rural development, and promote the revitalization of rural industries in the new era.


EAVISION Agricultural Plant Protection Drone Spray in Tobacco Fields

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