EAVISION Agricultural Drones Help Control Citrus Autumn Shoots Psyllids

Aug 17 , 2022

EAVISION Agricultural Drones Help Control Citrus Autumn Shoots Psyllids


Right now, the navel oranges and pomelo are entering the autumn shoot extraction period, which is the peak period of the occurrence of citrus psyllids. Huichang County organized a professional team to carry out joint prevention and control of citrus Huanglongbing, relying on the advantages of drone agriculture sprayer for citrus tree and other machinery to carry out agricultural plant protection, reduce the population density of citrus psyllids, reduce the occurrence of Huanglongbing, ensure high yields of navel oranges, oranges and pomelo, and increase the income of fruit farmers.



In the navel orange and pomelo base of Paobei Village, Massachusetts, along with the sound of "buzzing", the drone operator is controlling the plant protection agriculture sprayer for citrus tree to spray psyllid pesticides on the contiguous navel orange and pomelo fruit trees. The drones shuttle back and forth to perform flight defense operations, spraying pesticides on fruit trees quickly and accurately.


Li Jiansheng, the person in charge of UAV flight defense operations: The EAVISION EA-30X 30L UAV we choose now carries 30 kg of potion each time, and it can complete 5 acres of tasks for each sortie. Each flight takes about 8 minutes.



Fruit farmer Liu Lirong has planted more than 100 mu of navel oranges, orange pomelo, and pomelo in Loquat Village, and the spraying control work was successfully completed in less than an hour of flying prevention work.


Liu Lirong, a fruit farmer in Paibei Village, Massachusetts: It has many advantages for our fruit farmers. It can cover all the areas without dead ends, save time and labor, and avoid the interference of weather.


In recent years, Huichang County has adhered to the principle of "prevention first, combined prevention and control, and both symptoms and symptoms", guiding fruit farmers to self-prevention and self-control, group prevention and group control, and forming a county, township and village three-level linkage Huanglongbing prevention and control mechanism to effectively curb citrus The spread of Huanglongbing disease effectively guarantees the high-quality development of the fruit industry. At present, 92 joint prevention and control bases have been established in the county, covering an area of ​​24,000 mu.


Yu Chunping, member of the party group and deputy director of the Huichang County Fruit Tea Development Service Center: The joint prevention and control base uses a unified room to spray medicine and a unified time to wipe the tip, and use drone for citrus tree and other machinery for joint prevention and control. At the same time, 50 farmers' fruit technicians were organized to provide "nanny" type tracking services to improve the effectiveness of joint prevention and control.


EAVISION Agricultural Drones Help Control Citrus Autumn Shoots Psyllids

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