EAVISION Agricultural Drone Helps Nanguo Pear Control Pests

Jul 07 , 2022

Nanguo pear is known as the "king of pears", also known as perfume pear. Pear seeds are mainly produced in Haicheng, Xiuyan and Liaoyang areas of Anshan, Liaoning Province, China. They are mostly planted in mountainous and hilly areas. They have high nutritional value and medicinal value. fruit. Nanguo pears have a large planting area and a wide range in Haicheng, Anshan, but the degree of mechanization is low, and most of them rely on manual cultivation.


Cui Gaochuang is the chairman of the Haicheng Chuangsheng Fruit Production Cooperative and the secretary of Wangjia Village. He often assists growers to manage fruit trees. During the interview, he said: Wangjia Village, Jiewen Town, Haicheng City, Anshan City, Liaoning Province is a village dominated by mountains and hills. , about 15,000 acres of land are used for planting fruit trees, and the cultivation of Nanguo pears is one of the main sources of local economy.

As we all know, the plant protection of fruit trees in mountains and hills is a difficult and high-cost operation, and the manual operation efficiency is low and the effect is poor. Due to the high terrain requirements for operating machinery, the level of mechanization in mountains and hills is not as high as that in plain areas, and it is difficult for ground machinery to operate in the mountains, so Agricultural drone for pear have become the best choice.


Secretary Cui has been in contact with drones for many years, and has done many kinds of drone sprayer for pear flight defense tests before, but the results are mediocre, which makes him more conservative about drone plant protection, and he is also worried about the future cultivation of Nanguo pears in the village. Until last year, EAVISION went to the local area to carry out the Nanguo pear flying control test, which made him see the hope of fruit tree mechanization again.


In 2021, EAVISION, together with colleges and universities, will carry out the Nanguo pear flying prevention test, which will light up the fire of scientific and technological agriculture in a small village without mechanization at all. Under the onlookers of the villagers, 800 Nanguo pear trees were arranged for the test, and the final test results were well received.


With the confirmation of the effect of the flight defense test last year, Secretary Cui continued to provide 1,500 mu of local Nanguo pears for the flight defense test this year. A good flight defense effect must withstand multiple tests. After the successful test this year,spraying drone control pests will be popularized in Wangjia Village, which is an important step for the local mountain and hilly fruit trees to modernize and liberate productivity.

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