Are drones good for farming?

Mar 24 , 2022

1. Low cost of water saving and medicine saving

Agricultural plant protection drone in farming can save at least 50% of pesticide use and 90% of water consumption by spraying, which will greatly reduce resource costs. Low depreciation rate, low oil consumption, low labor cost per unit operation, and easy maintenance.


2. High coverage density and good control effect

The agricultural plant protection farming spray drone is a helical wing, and its working height is relatively low. When the liquid droplets are ejected from the sprayer, they are accelerated by the downward airflow of the rotor to form an aerosol flow, which directly increases the penetration of the liquid droplets to the crops. Therefore, the control effect is better than the traditional one, and it can also prevent the pesticide from polluting the soil.


3. Efficient and safe

The spraying speed of agricultural plant protection drone farm sprayer is 2 mu/s, the width of the spraying device is 3-4m, the working width is 4-8m, and the distance from the crops can be kept at a fixed height of at least 1-2m, and the scale operation can reach every 80-100 acres per hour, its efficiency is at least 100 times higher than conventional spraying. The automatic flight control navigation operation minimizes the time that the staff is exposed to pesticides, thereby ensuring the safety of the staff.


4. Autonomous operation of flight control and navigation

The application of agricultural plant protection UAV spraying technology is not limited by terrain and height. As long as it is within the flight height, it can take off in the field to carry out operations on crops, using long-distance remote control operation and flight control navigation autonomous operation functions, only before spraying operations. , collect the GPS information of crops in the farmland, plan the route, input it into the internal control system of the ground station to issue instructions, and then carry the spraying device.

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