Application of EAVISION Drone In Soybean Crops and Its Advantages In Increasing Yield

Sep 19 , 2022

Application of EAVISION Drone in soybean crops and its advantages in increasing yield

The Brazilian Soybean Productivity Competition, organized by CESB (Brazilian Soybean Strategy Board), aims to stimulate producers to increase productivity and improve agricultural management in the region, including land preparation, soil correction, selection of certified varieties, improving land plantability, etc., reducing plant cycles Production losses, improved pest and weed control application techniques, selection of efficient products, increased harvest rates and sustainability, compliance with all environmental legislation standards.

Therefore, Ubyfol has teamed up with the producer Roberto Rossetti, in cooperation with Copercana and the agricultural drone for spraying crops price technology company Eavision (Extreme Robotics), to sign up the soybean area of ​​Sítio Pau D'alho for the competition, a producer that in addition to technical and In addition to areas with highly fertile soils, it is also necessary to seek to achieve better productivity, which contributes to better results.


The application of agricultural pesticides and foliar nutrients is usually done by tractors with spray cans, which can cause damage to soybeans as the wheels pass over the field, severely disrupting the soybean growth cycle. Problems such as mechanical damage often occur as soybeans mature. Data show that losses due to plant peeling and even death can amount to 10% of total productivity.

Therefore, the purpose of the competition is to increase productivity, and all of UBYFOL's agricultural pesticides and foliar nutrients are sprayed by EAVISION drones, which can eliminate mechanical damage to crops caused by tractors.


Within the range of advantages of using agricultural spraying drone agriculture price, we can verify the application efficiency of the drone, the accuracy of spraying the agent in contact with the plant, less drift, better targeting of the target (fungus, insects or weeds) effect, so as to achieve less loss and better effect and profit. In addition to being able to perform tasks at the specified time, because of the high efficiency of UAV operation, it can meet the time-limited spraying needs of each stage of the crop, especially adding the nutrients required by soybeans at this stage in order to better to promote the metabolic process of crops.

After the harvest, taking the producer's standard area as an example, 4 more bags can be harvested per hectare, and the price of each bag of soybeans is 175.00 reais (based on the data on April 25, 2022), and the extra 700.00 reais can be harvested per hectare. Asia. Subtracting the cost of drones/ha (R$ 200.00) and the cost of nutritional products used beyond the producers' standard (R$ 90.00), we will add 410.00 R$/ha to this benefit. If the total planting area of ​​the producer is 100 hectares, the income of 41,000.00 real (about 53,976.50 yuan) will be increased through the EAVISION drone irrigation agriculture and the ubyfol+ program.


After this soybean competition, it is concluded that the use of EAVISION plant protection drones in soybean cultivation has effectively improved the application efficiency of drugs on crop leaves, helping to improve productivity, increase yield, and create more opportunities for producers. profit.


Application of EAVISION Drone In Soybean Crops and Its Advantages In Increasing Yield

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