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Walnut of Lin'an China

Jul 12 , 2021

EAvision completed the first drone intelligent pollination of Lin'an Walnut in China.

The Lin’an Walnut characteristic industry cloud platform has monitored that the female Walnut has reached the best time for pollination.

The EAvision drone with the function of "Imitate terrain autonomous flight and mist spraying" has well guaranteed the pollination effect of the drone. It only took half a day to complete the pollination operation of nearly 200 acres of  Walnut. It greatly reduces the manpower, time cost, and operation safety hazards, and improves the pollination effect.

"Cloud platform digital empowerment + drone technology empowerment" walnut pollination operation is a practical epitome of the digital upgrade of the Lin'an walnut industry. Digitization will play an increasingly important role in the fields of scale transfer, pest control, financial credit, processing, and R&D. EAvision drones will also help more pecan industries to reduce costs, improve quality, and increase efficiency, and increase forest farmers. income.

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