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User Experience | The Combination of "Medicine and Machine" can Effectively Control Red Spiders

Jul 05 , 2022

As one of the main diseases and insect pests of citrus, citrus growers have contended against it in the process of planting. Based on their own experience in flight control, the users of EAVISION agriculture UAV have summed up the four elements of UAV flight control of citrus:


1. Flying height and speed: Adjust the drone to the appropriate speed and height according to the terrain and tree shape, which can improve the uniformity and penetration of spraying.


2. The pruning and size of fruit trees: After the fruit trees are pruned reasonably, while ensuring the light transmittance of the fruit trees, the medicine can be better sprayed into the inner chamber.


3. The proportion of dispensing: According to different operation scenarios and different growth stages of crops, the selection of pesticides and the ratio of water and pesticides are the most important factors in the prevention and control of pests and diseases.


4. Wind conditions at the job site: Whether there is wind or not during operation and the magnitude of the wind will affect the spraying of the drone. When we encounter windy weather, we can try to adjust the drone for operation by lowering the flight height, increasing the water use ratio, and increasing the flow parameters.


With the rapid development of modern agriculture, many growers have introduced high-tech plant protection machinery for efficient plant protection, but they often ignore the impact of other factors on plant protection. Only by improving the efficiency and effect of plant protection can a satisfactory pest control effect be achieved.

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