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TEA Zhejiang,China

Jul 12 , 2021

Prevention and control of tea pests and diseases-remarkable results.

China is the hometown of tea and has a long history of tea cultivation. With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for the quality of tea are getting higher and higher. Therefore, the majority of tea farmers should pay attention to high-yield tea while also requiring high-quality tea. Therefore, it is particularly important to timely grasp the prevention and control of tea diseases and insect pests in terms of cultivation and management.

With the aging of the population and the rising labor costs, the labor force engaged in tea planting management is facing a shortage; at the same time, the working environment in the hilly and mountainous areas is poor, labor intensity is high, and labor safety problems are prominent. The current labor methods cannot be well adapted to modern tea Production and business needs. Drones can effectively solve some of the problems in tea production and operation. Using drones to replace humans for tea pest control can reduce labor costs and safety hazards in manual prevention and control. At the same time, it can improve the level of mechanization, automation, and intelligence. The modernization of the tea industry is of great significance.

The drone operation efficiency is about 15 times that of labor. The water consumption of the drone is 1.5L/0.07ha, the water consumption of the backpack sprayer is 50L/0.07ha, and the water-saving rate of the drone is 97%.

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