Shandong | How One Person Manages More than 100 Acres of Apple Orchards Easily

Jul 05 , 2022

Recently, the bag-free apples in Shandong have started the spring pest control. With the lack of rural labor, the mechanization of orchards has become a trend. For a 2000-mu orchard, 20 people traditionally need to work for 10 days; 5 tractors need to work for 3 days; EAVISION agriculture drone flight defense only takes 1 day.




It is understood that the annual cost of picking bags and bagging in apple orchards is as high as 5,000-8,000 yuan. The use of bag-free apple technology and EAVISION agriculture drone flying defense can save more than 6,000 yuan per mu of apple land. Not only that, the work of bagging and picking bags is eliminated, and there is no need to stay at home to monitor and apply medicine, and the rural labor force has been liberated to a certain extent.


The most important thing about apples is the color of the surface light and the smooth skin. If a large area of water spray covers the surface of the apple during the spraying process, fruit rust (water rust, medicine rust, etc.) will easily form after evaporation, which will seriously affect the subsequent sales of apples. value. EAVISION agriculture drones use mist spraying, the mist droplets are small and sprayed evenly, it is not easy to leave fruit rust on the apples, and the quality of the fruit is guaranteed.


Bagging-free apples have economic, social and ecological benefits on the road of apple planting, and are the only way to develop high-quality apples across the country. Accelerating the process of mechanization of orchards and promoting the improvement of planting efficiency and effect is the national strategy. Facts have proved that science and technology will eventually become the backbone of agriculture in the future.

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