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1 Warranty Period

1 Flight Control Module 12 months

2 CPU Control Module 12 months

3 Power Module 12 months

4 GPS and Communication Module 12 months

5 Camera Module 12 months

6 Distance Sensor 12 months

7 Spray Control Module 12 months

8 Base Station 12 months

9 Base Station Equipment and Charger 12 months

10 Survey Module and charger 12 months

11 Tank 12 months

12 Remote Control (include receiver) 12 months

13 Main Battery:560 cycles or 12 months (whichever comes first)

14 Main Battery Charger 12 months

15 ESC Module 12 months

16 Motor:200 hours (cumulative working time) or 6 months(whichever comes first)

17 Sub Battery 6 months

18 Wires, Spray System(Nozzle, pump, tank), Ironware, Propellers and plastic parts, landing gear, Rotor arm, water pipes.

Wearing parts are not covered in the warranty.

2. What is covered in the warranty:

Products with a warranty service must meet the following conditions:

Normal use within the specified product warranty period;

Product quality failure and other quality reasons;

The UAV serial number, factory label, and other signs should be consistent with

the information in the order confirmation form, and there is no tearing or alteration;

Provide valid proof of purchase (contract or invoice) and warranty card.

3. What is not covered in the warranty:

Damages and failures of the warranty parts due to the following reasons are not covered by the warranty:

Equipment failure or damage caused by user or operator's own disassembly of flight control module, CPU control module, power module, GPS and the communication module, camera module, distance sensor, spray control module, UAV frame, remote control (including the receiver), ESC module, motor module;

Equipment failure caused by water damage.

Damage caused by users or operators due to misoperation or disobeying the instructions or procedures;

Failure or damage caused by the user or operator forcibly using the product beyond normal use conditions, such as extreme weather or temperature or moisture;

Users or operators make modifications or installations without EAvision’s authorization.

Any manual mistakes or external force that not authorized by EAvision.

Direct or indirect failure or loss caused by flight under bad conditions (such as equipment alerts, severe weather, etc.);

Direct or indirect failures or losses caused by force majeure such as natural disasters, wars, terrorist attacks, riots, coups, etc.;

Any loss of rental equipment due to theft, robbery, etc.;

Failure or damage caused by other issues rather than the design, manufacturing, quality of the product;

Drone damage caused by a fall is not because of its quality.

For the parts that are not covered in the warranty, the customer has to bear the cost of the

new replacement and freight. EAvision will offer the necessary technical support on guiding

the customer for the repair and replacement.

***Suzhou EAvision Robotic Technology Co., Ltd reserves the rights to the final interpretation**

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