In the era of AI+, EAvision drone debuts at 2020 Global Artificial Intelligence Product Application

Feb 24 , 2022
On August 14, the 2020 Global Artificial Intelligence Product Application Expo (AIExpo2020) was grandly held at the Suzhou International Expo Center. The theme of this year's Global Smart Expo is "All Things Empower Su, Wisdom Inspires the Future". It is the only centralized display window of the country's new generation of artificial intelligence open innovation platform, and it is also a stage for Suzhou enterprises to showcase their latest artificial intelligence technology and product applications.


△Opening ceremony scene


The conference integrates exhibitions, conferences, competitions, awards, and performances. It is a high-standard, professional, and international artificial intelligence industry event. The entire exhibition includes platforms and leading companies concentrated exhibitions, three major awards selection, and intelligence New product releases, AI professional forums, and exciting interactive performances presented an international smart technology feast.


Suzhou EAvision Robot Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that takes binocular visual perception and AI autonomous control as its core technologies, and is committed to the development of intelligent robots for autonomous operations in complex outdoor environments. 


△EAvision award-winning scene


At the exhibition site, EAvision’s booth attracted a large number of visitors. As an autonomous global intelligent perception plant protection drone, EAvision showed and explained the advantages and core technology of drones to the audience. “Autonomous obstacle avoidance, binocular vision three-dimensional perception , Ultra-low imitation of the ground, normal temperature mist spraying" and other product functions, won unanimous praise from the audience.


△Booth scene


EAvision was established in Suzhou Industrial Park in June 2016, and has independent technology, data and agricultural research and development centers in Silicon Valley, Wuhan, Henan, and Hainan. The plant protection UAV developed by the company has now achieved high-efficiency and precise autonomous flight operations in complex mountain environments, free of surveying and mapping, and has broken through the problem of autonomous operations on 70-degree hillsides. With the self-developed normal temperature mist spray system, it can accurately and efficiently complete each Planting crops, especially high-stalk and fruit tree crops, are dedicated to the flying control of mountain fruit trees. At present, it has been widely used in citrus, apple, sugarcane, betel nut, mango, tea and other mountain forest fruit crops.



△E-A2020 series

The company's core team brings together well-known experts in various fields such as vision, control, artificial intelligence, computer software and hardware, agricultural plant protection and breeding. Continuous in-depth research has solved the world-class common problems of binocular vision in the complex outdoor environment, ghost images, sunlight interference/glare, high-speed computing, real-time calibration, etc. in the actual application process.


EAvision is committed to using technology to empower agriculture and realize the efficient development of agricultural life. EAvision drones bring unlimited possibilities to agriculture and a smart future!

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