high Precision Agriculture Drone
Agriculture drone
HERCULES (EA-30X) The EA-30X is equipped with a new generation of binocular environment sensing technology, which can realize safe and dynamic continuous obstacle avoidance and full coverage of terrain below 90 degrees. In addition, EA-30X can realize the independent operation of binoculars day and night through a new generation of night navigation lighting systems. At the same time,  EA-30X also has a CCMS double peak mist spray nozzle, which can penetrate thick canopy crops and significantly improve The leaf is carrying the dose.   Detachable Tank L4 Al Intelligent Droplet Size20-250um IP67 Waterproof Binocular VisionTechnology Terrain Follwing≤90° Obstacle Avoidance Centimeter Level Accuracy Fast Charging Battery in 20min      Binocular Vision Technology           L4 Full autonomous operation         120° super wide-angle human eye sight         CPU + GPU parallel computing core         Trillion floating point operations per second         High sensitivity of Lidar & Ultra Sound Radar within 0.2 seconds         Real-time processing of high-density 3D point clouds Spot and Precise Spraying Intelligent Path Planning Fixed-point accurate spraying function Automatically calibrates the target crop image Accurate spray within a radius of 0.5 meters The distance to the crop canopy is as low as 0.7 meters Multiple take-off and landing points intelligent path planning   Unique CCMS Mist Spray      10-100µm mist spray, applicable for multiple crops    Droplets Bimodal distribution, perfect for trees    Large droplets spray directly and effectively    Fine droplets cover lower leaves & leaf back    Thoroughly penetrate various thick canopy vegetation    Applicable with wettable powder Obstacle Avoidance   Actively avoid any obstacles without pre mapping Keep avoiding multiple obstacles through AI algorithm Night operation with Lighting system   The illuminance can reach 700LUX within 5 meters Binocular vision works day and night without difference   A New Generation of Navigation and Control System (EAFCS)   The global offline mode with a single base station covering an area of 2024 hectare In the case of RTK disconnection, sustainable and safe flight    
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