Hainan | EAVISION Unlocks New Skills for Agricultural Drones to Induce Flowers

Jul 05 , 2022

Mr. Xie from Hainan is a mango grower with more than 20 years of planting experience. In the past, he used manual plant protection for plant protection. With the increase in labor prices and the reduction of employees in recent years, the plant protection efficiency of mango orchards has been low and management costs have increased.




Mr. Xie's mango field is located in a hilly and mountainous area with large undulating terrain. I have used other brands of plant protection machines before, but because it flew too high, a large amount of medicinal liquid was scattered in the air and hardly fell on the mango trees, resulting in plant protection effects. not good.


At the recommendation of other growers, Mr. Xie learned that the EAVISION agriculture UAV has unique advantages in the flight defense of fruit trees in hills and mountains. He saw that the EAVISION agriculture drone can jump up and down with the terrain, which is obviously different from other drones that hit the field. It really penetrated the fruit trees and solved the problem.



In Hainan, out-of-season mangoes also have the important step of blooming. Mango flower-promoting is the process of flower bud differentiation and transformation from vegetative growth to reproductive growth, so that it can achieve the purpose of breaking the dormancy of terminal buds in advance and promoting flower bud differentiation. The flower-inducing effect directly affects the yield and quality of mangoes in the coming year.


It is understood that due to the heavy rain this year, it is difficult to recruit mangoes, and the mango blooming operation is slow. Mr. Xie is worried that it will affect the output and quality of mangoes in the coming year. After experiencing the excellent flight defense effect of the EAVISION agriculture drone, he confidently took the lead in trying to induce flowers by drone, which was an attempt that the local mango growers had never dared to do. Combined with the flying defense advantages of EAVISION agriculture UAV in hills and mountains, the effect of mango flower-inducing is beyond expectations. Mr. Xie became the first person to use drones for mango blooming in the local area, and also unlocked the new skill of EAVISION agriculture drone mango blooming.

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