EAvision Expeditions Overseas, Deploying the Global Smart Agriculture Market

Mar 22 , 2022

As we all know, compared with the advantages of plant protection drones that are easy to popularize under the conditions of wheat, rice and other field crops, the penetration rate of commercial crops in hilly and mountainous areas is very small. Some plant protection machines can only imitate tree canopies, but cannot accurately imitate terrain and autonomous obstacle avoidance. As a leading brand in the industry, EAvision has in-depth research and innovation for hilly and mountainous scenes. With its leading binocular vision and AI autonomous control core technology, it is more capable of easy and fully autonomous flight in complex environments, accurate and intelligent climbing and obstacle avoidance, without surveying and mapping. , the enclosure is ready to fly, and the differentiated advantage of saving time and labor can realize the functions of pesticide spraying, nutritional supplementation, crop pollination and planting monitoring, and has covered 40+ categories of cash crops.


With the whole-process crop solution that combines intelligent equipment and plant protection technology, EAvision has received widespread attention at home and abroad. At the "Everything Grows - 2022 EAvision Technology Annual Conference" held in December last year, EAvision released the "Global Development Strategy". With the support of many strategic partners and industrial capital at home and abroad, EAvision has played a leading role in technology and industrial development. The advantages of collaborative innovation will bring the latest scientific and technological achievements of my country to the world, and help the intelligent upgrading of global green agriculture and the long-term sustainable and high-quality development.


The overseas section of EAvision focuses on the important and difficult issues of tropical crops, and cooperates with local companies of international pesticide giants such as Bayer, BASF, Syngenta, FMC, and local flight defense service providers to provide large-scale oil palm plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia. Triputra, Sampoerna, Wilmar, etc., provide complete crop solutions for the control of oil palm typical rhinoceros beetles, leaf-eating insects, rodents and other pests and diseases, as well as forest flight control in complex terrain. It provides a high-efficiency flight defense solution for rubber trees and fruit trees in Vietnam and Thailand.


In Japan, South America, Australia and other regions, relying on the core technical advantages of ultra-low-altitude flight, fog mist system, strong penetration, and reduced drift, we have researched solutions that adapt to the difficult problems of local agricultural planting, and deeply contributed to the development of local agriculture. In April this year, EAvision was invited to appear at the Brazilian International Agricultural Exhibition (AGRISHOW), and promoted the implementation of intelligent breeding projects locally to improve the efficiency of local agricultural production. In Australia in the southern hemisphere, EAvision will cooperate extensively with the local government to use drones to prevent and control mosquitoes according to local special climatic conditions, and focus on solving the fruit fly problem that plagues fruit farmers in many places.


In overseas markets, EAvision helps global agricultural intelligent upgrade and long-term sustainable and high-quality development of environmental protection. At the same time in China, EAvision will continue to uphold the concept of continuous innovation to provide more efficient intelligent solutions for agriculture, and contribute to the industrialization and intelligent development of China's agricultural plant protection.

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