Eavision Drone in the spotlight at the Adana show

Nov 14 , 2022

Turkey's award-winning agricultural drone, Eavision Drone Technologies, has attracted a lot of attention at the Agriculture and Livestock Expo in Adana.


The 15th Agriculture and Livestock Expo in Adana, Turkey, more than 140 companies and company representatives participated in the exposition held at the Tüyap Adana International Fair and Conference Center; in addition to seeds, greenhouses, horticulture, flowers, poultry, dairy products, agricultural information In addition to professional fields such as science, it also introduced the latest agricultural and animal husbandry mechanization and technology to the visitors.



Turkey's award-winning agricultural drone Eavision Drone Technologies also had a presence at the show. A team of experts introduced visitors to the Eavision Drone agricultural drone equipment. Tourists and locals from the Middle East alike were amazed by the Eavision drone technology.


Hamdin Kaya, distributor of Eavision Drone Technologies in Turkey, said the show was very productive and said: "There was a high level of participation, there was a lot of interest from domestic and foreign visitors, we have been developing and growing, we have also given some franchises , we will continue to participate in the exhibition.”



Uğur Türk, CEO of Eavision Drone Technologies Turkey, noted that people in the region have shown interest in the shows at Batman and Adana. Türk said: “We spent 5 days introducing our drones to the participants. Our sales were very good. The market for Eavision is growing. We have already offered distribution rights to some provinces and together we will have great success.” used his statement.

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