EA-30X Industrial Design Appreciation | Keen Binocular Blue Eagle Volley

Feb 24 , 2022

The EA-30X spraying drone, a new generation of flying defense expert in hilly and mountainous terrain designed by Pininfarina, was officially launched on the market in December.


Pininfarina is a world-renowned design company established in Turin, Italy in 1930. It is a unique symbol of Italian design in the world, providing customers all over the world with elegant and unique design solutions. Classic sports car Ferrari , Lamborghini, Rolls Royce and many other supercar models have been industrially designed by it.


EA-30X design concept


At the 2022 Annual Science and Technology Conference of EAvision Robot "All Things Grow", EAvision solemnly introduced the new generation of EAvision Robotic Flying Defense Expert in Hilly and Mountainous Areas-EA-30X to the participants and the media.


As an exclusive advantage of EAvision, the dual camera allows EAvision robots to complete work in challenging environments such as hills and mountains. Our designers focused on binocular cameras when designing the appearance of the product. And within the range of angle of view, a good-looking exterior shield is designed to protect the camera. The shape is similar to the extreme LOGO, the eagle, and the same effect, which also echoes the meaning.


The designer conforms to the brand "Eagle", highlighting the binocular camera while adding a protruding shape feature line in the middle, which integrates the fuselage shell and the medicine barrel into one, maintaining the heroic spirit without losing a sense of solidity and speed.

In terms of color selection, a relatively calm and atmospheric blue is blended based on the ultra-purpose brand color blue, again emphasizing the product's sturdiness, stability, and reliability, and establishing the connection between products, brands, and emotions.

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