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Coffee Yunnan,China

Jul 12 , 2021

Baoshan is located in the southwestern part of Yunnan Province, China. It borders Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture and Lincang City in the east, Lisu Autonomous Prefecture in Nujiang to the north, Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture in the west, and borders with Myanmar in the northwest and Zhengnan. The border is 170 long. Km, the total area is about 19,600 square kilometers, of which mountainous and semi-mountainous areas account for about 92%.

Agriculture is the primary industry here. The coffee planting area of Baoshan is 136,400 mu, the output is 20,300 tons, and the comprehensive output value is 1.053 billion yuan, of which agricultural output value is 234 million yuan, processing output value is 643 million yuan, and the tertiary industry output value is 176 million yuan. The Baoshan small coffee, which has been evaluated by experts as "thick but not bitter, fragrant but not strong, with mellow aroma; rich in oil, strong fruit acid, and long-lasting sweetness is the top grade of coffee" is also protected by the National Geographical Indication product.

The road from instant coffee to specialty coffee

Baoshan City has a history of nearly 60 years of coffee planting. Most of the local small-grain coffee planting area is 800-1200 meters above sea level, and a small part has been planted in areas about 1400 meters above sea level. The raw material planting base belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate type, with an average annual temperature of 21.3℃, annual sunshine hours of 2334.5 hours, annual rainfall of 721.51-100 mm, active accumulated temperature greater than or equal to 10℃ of 7800℃, and basically no frost throughout the year. Good sunshine and temperature are very suitable for the growth of small coffee.


In Yunnan, coffee beans can be roughly divided into three grades from high to low quality: fine beans, high-grade commercial beans, and commercial beans. Among them, only fine beans have the right to bargain, and the prices of the other two types fluctuate with international futures. One kilogram of high-quality beans can sell for about 40-70 yuan.

To be able to sell high-priced high-quality beans, not only the varieties must be high-quality, but also the refinement of planting and the later drying and processing techniques are essential. Refined processing can greatly enhance the flavor of coffee. However, the serious shortage of labor force and the dating, the rugged and hard-to-cultivation of the mountains and forests, so that the planting process can only be carried out extensively, and the shortage of manpower also restricts the large-scale development of high-value processing processes.

It is understood that the purchase price of Yunnan coffee once fell below 12 yuan per catty, while the production cost of one catty of coffee in the same period was about 15 yuan.

"The more you plant, the more you lose" was the voice of many growers at that time.

With EAvision

The development of smart agriculture has given a solution to the problem. At present, some advanced planters in Baoshan have begun to try to introduce intelligent drones for green flight control of the planting process.

EAvision focuses on mountain and hilly operations. Its binocular vision, multi-sensor fusion technology, and offline flight mode make it easy to fly in mountainous areas.

EA2021 drone can evenly spray the nutrient solution to the back of the leaves and deep into the bottom of the thick canopy trunk. For the same plot, three people can operate 200 acres using the sprayer for four days, while using a drone can fly more than 200 acres a day.

The use of advanced plant protection tools not only saves manpower, but also saves water, medicines and money. The reduction of water and medicines also protects the local ecological environment and avoids environmental problems such as soil erosion caused by impacts and pollution of the land caused by the dispersion of medicines.

When the planting process turns to mechanization and refinement, coffee farmers can focus on the coffee bean processing process with higher added value and focus on improving the taste and flavor of coffee beans. At present, Chinese and foreign specialty coffee brands have also noticed Baoshan coffee. More and more specialty coffees are directly harvested in Baoshan, and together with coffee farmers to upgrade the coffee bean processing technology, Baoshan coffee is becoming a trend in the hearts of coffee lovers. Domestic products represent China's world-class coffee quality. The combination of scientific and green plant protection solutions and smart tools solves the contradiction between labor shortage and crop science, greatly promotes agricultural productivity, and helps new consumer brands of domestic agricultural products!

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