250,000 Acres of Turkish Plains Sprayed by Drones

Oct 25 , 2022

In the Bismil district of Diyarbakir, 250,000 acres were sprayed with agricultural drones.



Uğur Türk, distributor of Eavision Drone Technologies in Turkey, said that spraying on 250,000 acres could save 10 million Turkish lira, adding: “Before our farmers used traditional Drones prevent that from happening."


Noting that drone technology is already starting to be used in many areas of life, it is also used in agriculture, Türk said, “A drone can spray 20 acres of land in 10 minutes. That means saving time and agrochemical. We saved 10 million lire, 250,000 sprays in a single spray, a saving of 30%, this figure reached 30 million lire, at least 3 sprays.



'We Have Prevented Production Losses'


Türk says they prevent productivity losses by preventing an average 5 percent loss due to irrigation and rainfall that cause tractors to fail to spray the field on time and to be crushed by ruts during spraying. Our farmers harvested an average of 400 kilograms of cotton on 12,000 plots of land, gained about 5,000 additional tons of cotton, and made an average profit of 100 million Turkish lira this year based on cotton prices. By preventing our soil from becoming infertile due to the application of pesticides, we achieved higher yields the following October. "


"Water Pollution Caused by Chemical Agricultural Agrochemical"


Uğur Türk, the Turkish distributor of Eavision Drone Technologies, pointed out that chemical pesticides are mixed into lakes, rivers and water resources and cause water pollution, saying: “It enters the ground with rainwater and irrigation water and contaminates groundwater resources. The packaging of the drug can The places where they are discarded cause environmental pollution. It leads to the death of fish and bees. In this direction, we raise the awareness of farmers and prevent environmental pollution by recycling plastic boxes and chemicals thrown in the fields. Our farmers explain that due to the intensive and unintentional use of chemicals, the chemicals themselves or their transformation products can be left in food, soil, water and air along with hazards. We can use agricultural drones to reduce this to At a minimum, we recommend drone spraying for better air, water, food and the future."



"This will be Turkey's First Attempt"


Reminding that long-stemmed crops such as turkey, corn and sunflower cannot be sprayed with tractors after they have increased in height, he said, "Through our aerial agriculture drones, we are providing great support to farmers and preventing these pests from causing of product losses, regardless of crop size and field conditions. In addition, we plan to spray tea gardens and various fruit and vegetable trees on 90-degree steep slopes and mountains in the black sea region to support our farmers, using our EAvision agricultural drones, along with New Year's development, which will be the first in Turkey. We saved 5 million and 500,000 liters of water by spraying 25,000 hectares of land.


Hamdin Kaya, general manager of Eavision Drone Technologies Turkey, said that they have now agreed to use one of the best automatic steering systems in the world, saying: "We will start selling it all over Turkey, and we are paying close attention to smart farming technology. We are The era of driverless fully automatic tractors will start in Turkey as soon as possible. Our work continues at full speed. We are building a dealer system and technical service network across Turkey. We will continue to work on this road, not slow down and introduce various smart farming technologies to contribute to a smart farming, farmer-friendly Turkish economy."

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